A personal note from Marlize Marais, founder of UniTalk South Africa

“This program was born from an idea to teach my children to respect all cultures and races, give them the advantage of being able to speak an African language (which they can also include in their future CV’s) and to provide them with one more extremely valuable life-skill: an extra language.

Because of my personal motivation, the children’s program was born first. During the development and teaching of this program, I realized that I was not alone in my vision. A vision of the future, where our children will be united across all races.

What’s more, adult’s started asking for a program relevant for them.

For the first time I realized the true power of learning one another’s languages and what kind of respect came with it. I realized that my vision doesn’t need to be set in the future, but here and now, where saying the words “black” and “white” are merely a reference to one’s culture and not a reference to a time divided.

This simple act of learning a new language, this simple act of addressing someone in their mother tongue, has that kind of power!”

Why learn with the online UniTalk Language Program?

  • Unique memory training techniques will help you remember words 10x easier
  • Learn basic conversations from day 1
  • Designed in 3 levels to suit everyone’s needs of learning abilities and relevance
  • Level 1 – Vocabulary (recommended for toddlers)
  • Level 2 – Vocabulary and phrases 
  • Level 3 – Vocabulary, phrases and grammar
  • Physical presentation combined with notes for optimum learning
  • Personal interaction
  • This is language training SIMPLIFIED

Please refer to the Effective Learning page for all the personal benefits of language learning.

How to register:

  1. Find the registration form on the Adult’s page, Children’s page or Register page.

  2. After registration, you now have a profile and can visit the store in the “Buy a Course” page.

  3. Select the appropriate program that you wish to join, start with month 1, check it out in your cart and start learning!!!


Language training is by far not exclusive, but OUR language training is definitely UNIQUE!

With the use of active memory techniques we take the extreme repetition out of the equation. Of course to master any skill a certain amount of repetition is required, but what if your memory of new words didn’t rely solely on you creating new pathways in your brain? What if you can use your already existing memory as reference to learning a new language?


Plus, you’ll be able to interact personally with your trainer, should you have any questions.

Program for Adults

This program is intended for effortless everyday communication between races. We present relevant topics for both the housewife and CEO. Building vocabulary and sentences, learning grammar and greetings to make life easier and earn the respect of your peers, employees and employers.

Program for Children

Lessons that are fun, interactive and effective! With child appropriate topics, we add numbers, colours and sentences for easy communication between children, while learning respect for other cultures along the way. Using language to break down cultural barriers, one step at a time!

Memory Techniques

Incorporate this amazing life-skill into your everyday lifestyle. Available to all students to make learning less of a burden and more of a fun and funny journey towards higher grades and eventually life goals. Super easy to implement into any subject and extremely effective!

For any inquiries please fill in the form below, for registration please click here